IMenuItem IMenuItem IMenuItem Interface



This API is not CLS-compliant.

CLS-compliant alternative

Represents the menu items that can be added to the DefaultMenuHandler class.

public interface class IMenuItem
public interface IMenuItem
Public Interface IMenuItem


CommandGuid CommandGuid CommandGuid

Gets the CommandID globally unique identifier (GUID) for the menu command.

ItemId ItemId ItemId

Gets the CommandID of the specific item for the menu command.

MenuHandler MenuHandler MenuHandler

Gets the event handler for the menu item.

MultiSelect MultiSelect MultiSelect

Gets a value indicating whether the menu item supports the MultiSelect.

Name Name Name

Gets the name of the command.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets or sets the parent node in the hierarchy.

Text Text Text

Gets the caption that is associated with the command.


UpdateMenuCommandStatus(MenuCommand) UpdateMenuCommandStatus(MenuCommand) UpdateMenuCommandStatus(MenuCommand)

Indicates the update of the menu command status for the menu item.

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