MergeSessionDetail MergeSessionDetail MergeSessionDetail MergeSessionDetail Class


Represents detailed information about a step in a Merge Agent session.

public ref class MergeSessionDetail sealed
public sealed class MergeSessionDetail
type MergeSessionDetail = class
Public NotInheritable Class MergeSessionDetail


MergeSessionDetail() MergeSessionDetail() MergeSessionDetail() MergeSessionDetail()

Creates an instance of the MergeSessionDetail class.


Conflicts Conflicts Conflicts Conflicts

Gets or sets the number of conflicts that occurred in the step.

Deletes Deletes Deletes Deletes

Gets or sets the number of deletes that were replicated in the step.

DetailType DetailType DetailType DetailType

Gets or sets the type of detail step represented by the object.

Duration Duration Duration Duration

Gets or sets the duration of the detail step.

Errors Errors Errors Errors

Gets or sets errors that occurred in the detail step.

Inserts Inserts Inserts Inserts

Gets or sets the number of inserts that were replicated in the step.

Message Message Message Message

Gets or sets the message returned by the Merge Agent during the step.

PercentComplete PercentComplete PercentComplete PercentComplete

Gets or sets the progress of the session during the step, as a percentage of the total session.

PercentOfTotalTime PercentOfTotalTime PercentOfTotalTime PercentOfTotalTime

Gets or sets the amount of type spent during this step, as a percentage of the total synchronization time of the session.

RowsRetried RowsRetried RowsRetried RowsRetried

Gets or sets the number of rows that were retried during the step.

SchemaChanges SchemaChanges SchemaChanges SchemaChanges

Gets or sets the number of schema changes applied during the step.

Updates Updates Updates Updates

Gets or sets the number of updates that were replicated during the step.

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