MessageStatus MessageStatus MessageStatus MessageStatus Enum


Enumerates replication agent status codes.

public enum class MessageStatus
public enum MessageStatus
type MessageStatus = 
Public Enum MessageStatus


Abort Abort Abort Abort 10

Agent operation was aborted.

Fail Fail Fail Fail 6

Agent operation failed.

Idle Idle Idle Idle 4

Agent is running and waiting for changes.

InProgress InProgress InProgress InProgress 3

Agent operation in progress.

None None None None 0

No status.

RequestShutdownOnValidationFail RequestShutdownOnValidationFail RequestShutdownOnValidationFail RequestShutdownOnValidationFail 9

Agent ran data validation, and validation failed. Agent will shut down.

Retry Retry Retry Retry 5

Agent operation failed and is being retried.

Start Start Start Start 1

Agent is starting.

Succeed Succeed Succeed Succeed 2

Agent operation completed successfully.

ValidationFail ValidationFail ValidationFail ValidationFail 7

Agent ran data validation, and validation failed.

ValidationPass ValidationPass ValidationPass ValidationPass 8

Agent ran data validation, and validation completed successfully.

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