PublisherMonitor.EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2(Int32) PublisherMonitor.EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2(Int32) PublisherMonitor.EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2(Int32) PublisherMonitor.EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2(Int32) Method


Returns additional detailed information about a Merge Agent session.

 System::Data::DataSet ^ EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2(int sessionId);
public System.Data.DataSet EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2 (int sessionId);
member this.EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2 : int -> System.Data.DataSet
Public Function EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2 (sessionId As Integer) As DataSet


Int32 Int32 Int32 Int32

An Int32 value that represents ID of the session for which details are returned. This value can be obtained from the Session_id column returned by the EnumMergeAgentSessions2(String, Int32, Boolean) method.


A DataSet object that contains the following columns.

Column Data type Description
PhaseID Int32 Is the phase of the synchronization session, which can be one of the following: 0 = Initialization or summary row 1 = Upload 2 = Download
ArticleName String Is the name of the article being synchronized. ArticleName also contains summary information for rows in the result set that do not represent article details.
PercentComplete Decimal Indicates the percentage of the total changes applied in a given article detail row for currently running or failed sessions.
RelativeCost Decimal Indicates the percentage of the total changes applied in a given article detail row for currently running or failed sessions.
Duration Int32 Length of the agent session.
Inserts Int32 Number of inserts in a session.
Updates Int32 Number of updates in a session.
Deletes Int32 Number of deletes in a session.
Conflicts Int32 Number of conflicts that occurred in a session.
ErrorID Int32 ID of a session error.
SeqNo Int32 Order of sessions in the result set.
RowType Int32 Indicates what type of information each row in the result set represents. 0 = Initialization 1 = Upload summary 2 = Article upload detail 3 = Download summary 4 = Article download detail
SchemaChanges Int32 Number of schema changes in a session.


You should commit any property changes to the PublisherMonitor object before calling this method because properties of this object may need to be loaded if they have not been loaded already.

The EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2 method can only be called by members of the db_owner or replmonitor fixed database roles on the distribution database.

Calling EnumMergeAgentSessionDetails2 is equivalent to executing sp_replmonitorhelpmergesessiondetail.

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