ReplicationServer.DistributorAvailable ReplicationServer.DistributorAvailable ReplicationServer.DistributorAvailable ReplicationServer.DistributorAvailable Property


Gets whether the Distributor for the currently connected instance of Microsoft SQL Server is currently connected and available or not.

 property bool DistributorAvailable { bool get(); };
public bool DistributorAvailable { get; }
member this.DistributorAvailable : bool
Public ReadOnly Property DistributorAvailable As Boolean

Property Value

A Boolean value that specifies whether or not the Distributor is currently connected and available.

If true, the Distributor is connected and available.

If false, the Distributor is not available.


The DistributorAvailable property can be retrieved by members of the public fixed database role.

The DistributorAvailable property is equivalent to the sp_helpdistributor (Transact-SQL) stored procedure.

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