ReplicationServer.EnumCurrentPrincipals ReplicationServer.EnumCurrentPrincipals ReplicationServer.EnumCurrentPrincipals Method


Returns information for all published databases that are participating in database mirroring.

 System::Data::DataSet ^ EnumCurrentPrincipals();
public System.Data.DataSet EnumCurrentPrincipals ();
Public Function EnumCurrentPrincipals () As DataSet


A DataSet object that contains the following columns.

Column Data type Description
db_name sysname Database name.
current_principal sysname The current principal for the mirrored database.
mirroring_role tinyint Current role of the local database plays in the database mirroring session. 1 = Principal 2 = Mirror NULL = Database is not online.
mirroring_state tinyint State of the mirror database and of the database mirroring session. 0 = Suspended 1 = Disconnected 2 = Synchronizing 3 = Pending Failover 4 = Synchronized NULL = Database is not online.


This method is used to support replication with database mirroring. For more information, see Database Mirroring and Replication (SQL Server).

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