SubscriptionResultOption SubscriptionResultOption SubscriptionResultOption SubscriptionResultOption Enum


Enumerates options for returning monitored subscriptions.

public enum class SubscriptionResultOption
public enum SubscriptionResultOption
type SubscriptionResultOption = 
Public Enum SubscriptionResultOption


AllSubscriptions AllSubscriptions AllSubscriptions AllSubscriptions 0

Returns all subscriptions.

InErrorAndWarningOnly InErrorAndWarningOnly InErrorAndWarningOnly InErrorAndWarningOnly 3

Returns subscriptions with an error or warning status.

InErrorOnly InErrorOnly InErrorOnly InErrorOnly 1

Returns subscriptions with an error status.

InWarningOnly InWarningOnly InWarningOnly InWarningOnly 2

Returns subscriptions with a warning status.

NotSynchronizing NotSynchronizing NotSynchronizing NotSynchronizing 7

Returns subscriptions that are not currently synchronizing.

Synchronizing Synchronizing Synchronizing Synchronizing 6

Returns subscriptions that are currently synchronizing.

Top25WorstPerforming Top25WorstPerforming Top25WorstPerforming Top25WorstPerforming 4

Returns the top 25 worst performing subscriptions.

Top50WorstPerforming Top50WorstPerforming Top50WorstPerforming Top50WorstPerforming 5

Returns the top 50 worst performing subscriptions.


This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.

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