SqlDataRecord.GetSqlValues(Object[]) SqlDataRecord.GetSqlValues(Object[]) SqlDataRecord.GetSqlValues(Object[]) SqlDataRecord.GetSqlValues(Object[]) Method


Returns the values for all the columns in the record, expressed as SQL Server types, in an array.

 virtual int GetSqlValues(cli::array <System::Object ^> ^ values);
public virtual int GetSqlValues (object[] values);
abstract member GetSqlValues : obj[] -> int
override this.GetSqlValues : obj[] -> int
Public Overridable Function GetSqlValues (values As Object()) As Integer



The array into which to copy the values column values.


An Int32 that indicates the number of columns copied.



The SQL Server type values of the column are copied into the values array that is passed as a parameter. For null values, a Sql type instance is returned where the IsNull property is true.

The length of the values array does not need to match the number of columns in the record. If the array length is greater than the number of columns, all of the column values are copied into the array; if it is less, only the array length number of column values are copied into the array, starting at the column value with ordinal 0.

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