AlterMasterKeyOption AlterMasterKeyOption AlterMasterKeyOption Enum


Specifies the types of alter master key options.

public enum class AlterMasterKeyOption
public enum AlterMasterKeyOption
Public Enum AlterMasterKeyOption


AddEncryptionByPassword AddEncryptionByPassword AddEncryptionByPassword 4

Option is add encryption by password.

AddEncryptionByServiceMasterKey AddEncryptionByServiceMasterKey AddEncryptionByServiceMasterKey 3

Option is add encryption by service master key.

DropEncryptionByPassword DropEncryptionByPassword DropEncryptionByPassword 6

Option is drop encryption by password.

DropEncryptionByServiceMasterKey DropEncryptionByServiceMasterKey DropEncryptionByServiceMasterKey 5

Option is drop encryption by service master key.

ForceRegenerate ForceRegenerate ForceRegenerate 2

Option is force regenerate.

None None None 0

Option is none.

Regenerate Regenerate Regenerate 1

Option is regenerate.

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