AlterTableAlterColumnOption AlterTableAlterColumnOption AlterTableAlterColumnOption Enum


Specifies the options for alter column version of alter table statement. AddRowGuidCol and DropRowGuidCol can only happen if there is no DataType.

public enum class AlterTableAlterColumnOption
public enum AlterTableAlterColumnOption
Public Enum AlterTableAlterColumnOption


AddHidden AddHidden AddHidden 13
AddMaskingFunction AddMaskingFunction AddMaskingFunction 11
AddNotForReplication AddNotForReplication AddNotForReplication 7

The alteration is AddNotForReplication.

AddPersisted AddPersisted AddPersisted 5

The alteration is AddPersisted.

AddRowGuidCol AddRowGuidCol AddRowGuidCol 1

The alteration is AddRowGuidCol.

AddSparse AddSparse AddSparse 9

The alteration is AddSparse.

DropHidden DropHidden DropHidden 14
DropMaskingFunction DropMaskingFunction DropMaskingFunction 12
DropNotForReplication DropNotForReplication DropNotForReplication 8

The alteration is DropNotForReplication.

DropPersisted DropPersisted DropPersisted 6

The alteration is DropPersisted.

DropRowGuidCol DropRowGuidCol DropRowGuidCol 2

The alteration is DropRowGuidCol.

DropSparse DropSparse DropSparse 10

The alteration is DropSparse.

NoOptionDefined NoOptionDefined NoOptionDefined 0

The alteration is NoOptionDefined.

NotNull NotNull NotNull 4

The alteration is NotNull.

Null Null Null 3

The alteration is Null.

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