CertificateStatementBase CertificateStatementBase CertificateStatementBase Class


Represents CREATE CERTIFICATE statement

public abstract class CertificateStatementBase : Microsoft.SqlServer.TransactSql.ScriptDom.TSqlStatement
type CertificateStatementBase = class
    inherit TSqlStatement
Public MustInherit Class CertificateStatementBase
Inherits TSqlStatement


CertificateStatementBase() CertificateStatementBase() CertificateStatementBase()


ActiveForBeginDialog ActiveForBeginDialog ActiveForBeginDialog

ACTIVE FOR BEGIN_DIALOG optional option value

DecryptionPassword DecryptionPassword DecryptionPassword

Optional private key decryption password

EncryptionPassword EncryptionPassword EncryptionPassword

Optional private key encryption password

FirstTokenIndex FirstTokenIndex FirstTokenIndex

Gets or sets the first index of the token.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)
FragmentLength FragmentLength FragmentLength

Defines the number of characters the fragment takes up in the script it was parsed.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)
LastTokenIndex LastTokenIndex LastTokenIndex

Gets or sets the last index of the token.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)
Name Name Name

Certificate name

PrivateKeyPath PrivateKeyPath PrivateKeyPath

Optional path to private key

ScriptTokenStream ScriptTokenStream ScriptTokenStream

Gets or sets the script token stream.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)
StartColumn StartColumn StartColumn

Gets the start column.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)
StartLine StartLine StartLine

Gets the start line.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)
StartOffset StartOffset StartOffset

Defines the character offset of fragments starting location in the script it was parsed.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)


Accept(TSqlFragmentVisitor) Accept(TSqlFragmentVisitor) Accept(TSqlFragmentVisitor)

Accepts the specified visitor.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)
AcceptChildren(TSqlFragmentVisitor) AcceptChildren(TSqlFragmentVisitor) AcceptChildren(TSqlFragmentVisitor)

Accepts visitor for Children


Uninitialized Uninitialized Uninitialized

Constant to indicate and uninitialized token.

(Inherited from TSqlFragment)

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