ColumnType ColumnType ColumnType Enum


Specifies the Column Types, used for class Column.

public enum class ColumnType
public enum ColumnType
Public Enum ColumnType


IdentityCol IdentityCol IdentityCol 1

The type is IdentityCol.

PseudoColumnAction PseudoColumnAction PseudoColumnAction 6

The type is PseudoColumnAction.

PseudoColumnCuid PseudoColumnCuid PseudoColumnCuid 7

The type is PseudoColumnCuid.

PseudoColumnIdentity PseudoColumnIdentity PseudoColumnIdentity 4

The type is PseudoColumnIdentity.

PseudoColumnRowGuid PseudoColumnRowGuid PseudoColumnRowGuid 5

The type is PseudoColumnRowGuid.

Regular Regular Regular 0

The type is Regular.

RowGuidCol RowGuidCol RowGuidCol 2

The type is RowGuidCol.

Wildcard Wildcard Wildcard 3

The type is Wildcard.

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