CursorOptionKind CursorOptionKind CursorOptionKind Enum


Represents the cursor option kind.

public enum class CursorOptionKind
public enum CursorOptionKind
Public Enum CursorOptionKind


Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic 6

Option is Dynamic.

FastForward FastForward FastForward 7

Option is FastForward.

ForwardOnly ForwardOnly ForwardOnly 3

Option is ForwardOnly.

Global Global Global 1

Option is Global.

Insensitive Insensitive Insensitive 4

Option is Insensitive.

Keyset Keyset Keyset 5

Option is Keyset.

Local Local Local 0

Option is Local.

Optimistic Optimistic Optimistic 9

Option is Optimistic.

ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly 10

Option is ReadOnly.

Scroll Scroll Scroll 2

Option is Scroll.

ScrollLocks ScrollLocks ScrollLocks 8

Option is ScrollLocks.

Static Static Static 11

Option is Static.

TypeWarning TypeWarning TypeWarning 12

Option is TypeWarning.

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