DbccOptionKind DbccOptionKind DbccOptionKind Enum


Specifies the kinds of DBCC options.

public enum class DbccOptionKind
public enum DbccOptionKind
Public Enum DbccOptionKind


AllConstraints AllConstraints AllConstraints 13

The AllConstraints option.

AllErrorMessages AllErrorMessages AllErrorMessages 0

The AllErrorMessages option.

AllIndexes AllIndexes AllIndexes 11

The AllIndexes option.

AllLevels AllLevels AllLevels 10

The AllLevels option.

CountRows CountRows CountRows 1

The CountRows option.

DataPurity DataPurity DataPurity 16

The DataPurity option.

DensityVector DensityVector DensityVector 6

The DensityVector option.

EstimateOnly EstimateOnly EstimateOnly 8

The EstimateOnly option.

ExtendedLogicalChecks ExtendedLogicalChecks ExtendedLogicalChecks 18

The ExtendedLogicalChecks option.

Fast Fast Fast 9

The Fast option.

Histogram Histogram Histogram 15

The Histogram option.

HistogramSteps HistogramSteps HistogramSteps 7

The HistogramSteps option.

MarkInUseForRemoval MarkInUseForRemoval MarkInUseForRemoval 17

The MarkInUseForRemoval option.

NoInfoMessages NoInfoMessages NoInfoMessages 2

The NoInfoMessages option.

PhysicalOnly PhysicalOnly PhysicalOnly 12

The PhysicalOnly option.

StatHeader StatHeader StatHeader 5

The StatHeader option.

StatsStream StatsStream StatsStream 14

The StatsStream option.

TableResults TableResults TableResults 3

The TableResults option.

TabLock TabLock TabLock 4

The TabLock option.

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