LiteralType LiteralType LiteralType Enum


The literal types.

public enum LiteralType
type LiteralType = 
Public Enum LiteralType


Binary Binary Binary 3

Hexadecimal numbers, they have to be prefixed with 0x.

Default Default Default 6

DEFAULT keyword is used.

Identifier Identifier Identifier 9

An Identifier that is treated like a Literal, such as a parameter default

Integer Integer Integer 0

The integer type is a sequence of digits without '.' or 'e'

Max Max Max 7

MAX context sensitive keyword is used.

Money Money Money 2

Represented as string of digits with an optional decimal point. Has to start with a currency symbol.

Null Null Null 5

The reserved word null.

Numeric Numeric Numeric 10

A sequence of numbers with a '.'

Odbc Odbc Odbc 8

Odbc format literals in curly braces { }.

Real Real Real 1

A sequence of digits that has an e

String String String 4

A string of characters that are delimited with the quote (') character If the QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is off the delimiter (") is also valid.

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