SecurityObjectKind SecurityObjectKind SecurityObjectKind Enum


Specifies the types of security objects.

public enum class SecurityObjectKind
public enum SecurityObjectKind
Public Enum SecurityObjectKind


ApplicationRole ApplicationRole ApplicationRole 1

The object is ApplicationRole.

Assembly Assembly Assembly 2

The object is Assembly.

AsymmetricKey AsymmetricKey AsymmetricKey 3

The object is AsymmetricKey.

AvailabilityGroup AvailabilityGroup AvailabilityGroup 25

The object is AvailabilityGroup.

Certificate Certificate Certificate 4

The object is Certificate.

Contract Contract Contract 5

The object is Contract.

Database Database Database 6

The object is Database.

Endpoint Endpoint Endpoint 7

The object is Endpoint.

FullTextCatalog FullTextCatalog FullTextCatalog 8

The object is FullTextCatalog.

FullTextStopList FullTextStopList FullTextStopList 22

The object is FullTextStopList.

Login Login Login 9

The object is Login.

MessageType MessageType MessageType 10

The object is MessageType.

NotSpecified NotSpecified NotSpecified 0

The object is NotSpecified.

Object Object Object 11

The object is Object.

RemoteServiceBinding RemoteServiceBinding RemoteServiceBinding 12

The object is RemoteServiceBinding.

Role Role Role 13

The object is Role.

Route Route Route 14

The object is Route.

Schema Schema Schema 15

The object is Schema.

SearchPropertyList SearchPropertyList SearchPropertyList 23

The object is SearchPropertyList.

Server Server Server 16

The object is Server.

ServerRole ServerRole ServerRole 24

The object is ServerRole.

Service Service Service 17

The object is Service.

SymmetricKey SymmetricKey SymmetricKey 18

The object is SymmetricKey.

Type Type Type 19

The object is Type.

User User User 20

The object is User.

XmlSchemaCollection XmlSchemaCollection XmlSchemaCollection 21

The object is XmlSchemaCollection.

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