SessionOptionKind SessionOptionKind SessionOptionKind Enum


Represents the session option kind.

public enum class SessionOptionKind
public enum SessionOptionKind
Public Enum SessionOptionKind


EventRetention EventRetention EventRetention 0

The option is EventRetention.

MaxDispatchLatency MaxDispatchLatency MaxDispatchLatency 4

The option is MaxDispatchLatency.

MaxEventSize MaxEventSize MaxEventSize 3

The option is MaxEventSize.

MaxMemory MaxMemory MaxMemory 2

The option is MaxMemory.

MemoryPartition MemoryPartition MemoryPartition 1

The option is MemoryPartition.

StartUpState StartUpState StartUpState 6

The option is StartUpState.

TrackCausality TrackCausality TrackCausality 5

The option is TrackCausality.

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