SetOptions SetOptions SetOptions Enum


Specifies the various types of predicate SET options found in SQL.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class SetOptions
public enum SetOptions
Public Enum SetOptions


AnsiDefaults AnsiDefaults AnsiDefaults 1024

The option is AnsiDefaults.

AnsiNullDfltOff AnsiNullDfltOff AnsiNullDfltOff 2048

The option is AnsiNullDfltOff.

AnsiNullDfltOn AnsiNullDfltOn AnsiNullDfltOn 4096

The option is AnsiNullDfltOn.

AnsiNulls AnsiNulls AnsiNulls 8192

The option is AnsiNulls.

AnsiPadding AnsiPadding AnsiPadding 16384

The option is AnsiPadding.

AnsiWarnings AnsiWarnings AnsiWarnings 32768

The option is AnsiWarnings.

ArithAbort ArithAbort ArithAbort 8

The option is ArithAbort.

ArithIgnore ArithIgnore ArithIgnore 16

The option is ArithIgnore.

ConcatNullYieldsNull ConcatNullYieldsNull ConcatNullYieldsNull 2

The option is ConcatNullYieldsNull.

CursorCloseOnCommit CursorCloseOnCommit CursorCloseOnCommit 4

The option is CursorCloseOnCommit.

DisableDefCnstChk DisableDefCnstChk DisableDefCnstChk 4194304

The option is DisableDefCnstChk.

FmtOnly FmtOnly FmtOnly 32

The option is FmtOnly.

ForcePlan ForcePlan ForcePlan 65536

The option is ForcePlan.

ImplicitTransactions ImplicitTransactions ImplicitTransactions 524288

The option is ImplicitTransactions.

NoBrowsetable NoBrowsetable NoBrowsetable 16777216

Suppresses metadata.

NoCount NoCount NoCount 64

The option is NoCount.

NoExec NoExec NoExec 128

The option is NoExec.

None None None 0

The option is None.

NumericRoundAbort NumericRoundAbort NumericRoundAbort 256

The option is NumericRoundAbort.

ParseOnly ParseOnly ParseOnly 512

The option is ParseOnly.

QuotedIdentifier QuotedIdentifier QuotedIdentifier 1

The option is QuotedIdentifier.

RemoteProcTransactions RemoteProcTransactions RemoteProcTransactions 1048576

The option is RemoteProcTransactions.

ShowPlanAll ShowPlanAll ShowPlanAll 131072

The option is ShowPlanAll.

ShowPlanText ShowPlanText ShowPlanText 262144

The option is ShowPlanText.

ShowPlanXml ShowPlanXml ShowPlanXml 8388608

The option is ShowPlanXml.

XactAbort XactAbort XactAbort 2097152

The option is XactAbort.

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