PublishedEvent PublishedEvent PublishedEvent PublishedEvent Class


An instance of an event from an event source. Use this object to obtain field and action data as well as metadata about the event object.

public ref class PublishedEvent
public class PublishedEvent
type PublishedEvent = class
Public Class PublishedEvent


Actions Actions Actions Actions

Gets a list of actions.

Fields Fields Fields Fields

Gets a list of fields containing the data of the published event.

Location Location Location Location

Gets the provider internal location this event was sourced from. Use an EventLocator to retrieve the event at a later time, or to move the current location of an IEventProvider to the location of the event.

Metadata Metadata Metadata Metadata

Gets the metadata for the event object.

Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the event object.

Package Package Package Package

Gets the package this event was produced from.

Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp

Gets the time this event was produced.


Gets the globally unique identifier of the event object.

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