VisualBasicSettings VisualBasicSettings VisualBasicSettings VisualBasicSettings Class


Contains settings that VisualBasicValue<TResult> and VisualBasicReference<TResult> instances use to compile the source text of the expressions they contain.

public ref class VisualBasicSettings
public class VisualBasicSettings
type VisualBasicSettings = class
Public Class VisualBasicSettings


These settings include assembly references and imported namespaces required to compile an expression.


VisualBasicSettings() VisualBasicSettings() VisualBasicSettings() VisualBasicSettings()

Initializes a new instance of the VisualBasicSettings class.


Default Default Default Default

Gets a VisualBasicSettings that contains the default set of assembly references and imported namespaces. This set is available to all VisualBasicValue<TResult> and VisualBasicReference<TResult> instances in a given AppDomain.

ImportReferences ImportReferences ImportReferences ImportReferences

Gets a collection of VisualBasicImportReference objects, each of which represents an assembly reference and a namespace imported from that assembly.


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