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The ControlChars module contains constants used as control characters. These constants can be used anywhere in your code.

public ref class ControlChars sealed
public sealed class ControlChars
type ControlChars = class
Public NotInheritable Class ControlChars


This module supports the Visual Basic language keywords and run-time library members that provide constant control characters for printing and displaying text. For more information, see Constants and Enumerations.


ControlChars() ControlChars() ControlChars() ControlChars()

Initializes a new instance of the ControlChars class.


Back Back Back Back

Represents a backspace character (vbBack).

Cr Cr Cr Cr

Represents a carriage return character (vbCr).

CrLf CrLf CrLf CrLf

Represents a carriage return/linefeed character combination (vbCrLf).

FormFeed FormFeed FormFeed FormFeed

Represents a form feed character for print functions (vbFormFeed).

Lf Lf Lf Lf

Represents a line feed character (vbLf).

NewLine NewLine NewLine NewLine

Represents a new line character (vbNewLine).

NullChar NullChar NullChar NullChar

Represents a null character (vbNullChar).

Quote Quote Quote Quote

Represents a double-quote character.

Tab Tab Tab Tab

Represents a tab character (vbTab).

VerticalTab VerticalTab VerticalTab VerticalTab

Represents a vertical tab character (vbVerticalTab).


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