OpenAccess Enum


Indicates how to open a file when calling file-access functions.

public enum class OpenAccess
public enum OpenAccess
type OpenAccess = 
Public Enum OpenAccess


Default -1

Read and write access permitted. This is the default.

Read 1

Read access permitted.

ReadWrite 3

Read and write access permitted.

Write 2

Write access permitted.


When you call file access-related functions, you can use enumeration members in your code in place of the actual values.

The OpenAccess enumeration defines constants used to identify whether a file can be read from (Read), written to (Write), or both (ReadWrite). A file opened for Read access cannot be modified, only read from. The following table lists the OpenAccess enumeration members.

When performing file I/O operations, the My.Computer.FileSystem object provides greater performance and ease of use than legacy file I/O methods. For more information, see FileSystem object.

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