IStack<TValue,TCont> IStack<TValue,TCont> IStack<TValue,TCont> IStack<TValue,TCont> Interface


Defines the interface of an STL/CLR stack object.

generic <typename TValue, typename TCont>
public interface class IStack : ICloneable
public interface IStack<TValue,TCont> : ICloneable
type IStack<'Value, 'Cont> = interface
    interface ICloneable
Public Interface IStack(Of TValue, TCont)
Implements ICloneable

Type Parameters


The type of an element in the controlled sequence.


The type of the underlying container.



top_item top_item top_item top_item

Accesses the last element of the container.


assign(IStack<TValue,TCont>) assign(IStack<TValue,TCont>) assign(IStack<TValue,TCont>) assign(IStack<TValue,TCont>)

Replaces all elements in the container with the elements in the provided container.

Clone() Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates a new object that is a copy of the current instance.

(Inherited from ICloneable)
empty() empty() empty() empty()

Determines whether the container contains no elements.

get_container() get_container() get_container() get_container()

Accesses the underlying container.

pop() pop() pop() pop()

Removes the last element of the container.

push(TValue) push(TValue) push(TValue) push(TValue)

Appends an element to the container.

size() size() size() size()

Counts the number of elements in the container.

top() top() top() top()

Accesses the last element of the container.

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