DkmNonUserCodeFlags Enum


Indicates whether non user code is due to DebuggerHidden, DebuggerStepThrough, or DebuggerNonUserCode attribute marked on method or class or marked hidden due 0xfeefee sequence point.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class DkmNonUserCodeFlags
public enum class DkmNonUserCodeFlags
enum DkmNonUserCodeFlags
public enum DkmNonUserCodeFlags
type DkmNonUserCodeFlags = 
Public Enum DkmNonUserCodeFlags


HiddenAttribute 1

Method or class is marked with the DebuggerHidden attribute or marked hidden due to 0xfeefee sequence point.

None 0

Method or class is not marked with non user code related attributes.

NonUserCodeAttribute 4

Method or class is marked with the DebuggerNonUserCode attribute.

OptimizedAssembly 8
StepThroughAttribute 2

Method or class is marked with the DebuggerStepThrough attribute.

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