IDkmNativeEditAndContinueUpdate Interface


Interface implemented by native edit and continue engine to provide apply pending code change, validation and commit.

Implementations of this interface may restrict when they are called using a filter defined in their component configuration. The following properties may be used: BaseDebugMonitorId, EngineId, RuntimeId, TransportKind.

This API was introduced in Visual Studio 14 RTM (DkmApiVersion.VS14RTM).

public interface class IDkmNativeEditAndContinueUpdate
public interface class IDkmNativeEditAndContinueUpdate
__interface IDkmNativeEditAndContinueUpdate
public interface IDkmNativeEditAndContinueUpdate
type IDkmNativeEditAndContinueUpdate = interface
Public Interface IDkmNativeEditAndContinueUpdate


ApplyCodeChange(DkmNativeRuntimeInstance, DkmNativeInstructionAddress[], UInt32[], ReadOnlyCollection<String>, ReadOnlyCollection<String>)

Validate and merge code/symbols for the previous added pending edit compiland. Note: All the code/symbols merging are pending in memory and no debuggee is modified until Commit() is called.

CommitCodeChange(DkmNativeRuntimeInstance, ReadOnlyCollection<String>, ReadOnlyCollection<String>)

Commit all the pending in-memory edit to debuggee.

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