IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived Interface


IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived is implemented by components that want to listen for the RuntimeBreakpoint event. IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived is invoked before IDkmRuntimeBreakpointNotification. From within this notification, it is not possible to cause the target process to execute (no func-eval, no slipping).

Provides notification that a runtime breakpoint (DkmRuntimeBreakpoint) has been hit. Runtime breakpoints are the low-level breakpoint objects. Notification for the higher level breakpoints (DkmPendingBreakpoint/DkmBoundBreakpoint) is obtained through the BoundBreakpointHit event.

RuntimeBreakpoint events can be suppressed by calling DkmEventDescriptorS.Suppress().

Implementations of this interface may restrict when they are called using a filter defined in their component configuration. The following properties may be used: BaseDebugMonitorId, EngineId, RuntimeId, SourceId.

public interface class IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived
public interface class IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived
__interface IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived
public interface IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived
type IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived = interface
Public Interface IDkmRuntimeBreakpointReceived


OnRuntimeBreakpointReceived(DkmRuntimeBreakpoint, DkmThread, Boolean, DkmEventDescriptorS)

OnRuntimeBreakpointReceived is invoked as part of event processing. See interface definition for more information.

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