IDkmThreadCurrentWinRtExceptionQuery Interface


This interface is implemented by runtime debug monitors to return the most recent WinRT exception information on the given thread.

Implementations of this interface may restrict when they are called using a filter defined in their component configuration. The following properties may be used: BaseDebugMonitorId, EngineId, TransportKind.

This API was introduced in Visual Studio 12 RTM (DkmApiVersion.VS12RTM).

public interface class IDkmThreadCurrentWinRtExceptionQuery
public interface class IDkmThreadCurrentWinRtExceptionQuery
__interface IDkmThreadCurrentWinRtExceptionQuery
public interface IDkmThreadCurrentWinRtExceptionQuery
type IDkmThreadCurrentWinRtExceptionQuery = interface
Public Interface IDkmThreadCurrentWinRtExceptionQuery



GetThreadCurrentWinRtErrorInfo is used to get the address of the current IErrorInfo object for this thread.

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