_ImageAttributesFlags Enum


Represents an RGBA color with the red channel in the low byte to the alpha channel in the high byte.

public enum class _ImageAttributesFlags
public enum class _ImageAttributesFlags
enum _ImageAttributesFlags
public enum _ImageAttributesFlags
type _ImageAttributesFlags = 
Public Enum _ImageAttributesFlags


IAF_Background -2147483648

The Background field is valid.

IAF_Dpi 8

The Dpi field is valid.

IAF_Format 4

The Format field is valid.

IAF_Grayscale 1073741824

The returned image should be grayscaled.

IAF_GrayscaleBiasColor 536870912

The GrayscaleBiasColor field is valid.

IAF_HighContrast 268435456

The HighContrast field is valid.

IAF_OptionalFlags -268435456

The optional flags are: IAF_Background | IAF_Grayscale | IAF_GrayscaleBiasColor | IAF_HighContrast.

IAF_RequiredFlags 15

The required flags are: IAF_Size | IAF_Type | IAF_Format | IAF_Dpi.

IAF_Size 1

The LogicalWidth and LogicalHeight fields are valid.

IAF_Type 2

The ImageType field is valid.

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