CommitBehavior Enum


Instructs the editor how to behave after committing a CompletionItem.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class CommitBehavior
public enum CommitBehavior
type CommitBehavior = 
Public Enum CommitBehavior


CancelCommit 4

Cancels the commit operation, does not call any other TryCommit(IAsyncCompletionSession, ITextBuffer, CompletionItem, Char, CancellationToken). Functionally, acts as if the typed character was not a commit character, allowing the user to continue working with the IAsyncCompletionSession

None 0

Use the default behavior, that is, to propagate TypeChar command, but surpress ReturnKey and TabKey commands.

RaiseFurtherReturnKeyAndTabKeyCommandHandlers 2

Raises further invocation of the ReturnKey and Tab command handlers. By default, editor doesn't invoke ReturnKey and Tab command handlers after committing completion session.

Retrigger 8

Ensures that another completion session is triggered, even though user committed the current one with gestures that don't trigger new sessions, for example mouse, Ctrl+Space or TAB. Without this flag set, new session will trigger only if previous one was committed with a trigger character, and SuppressFurtherTypeCharCommandHandlers flag was not used.

SuppressFurtherTypeCharCommandHandlers 1

Surpresses further invocation of the TypeChar command handlers. By default, editor invokes these command handlers to enable features such as brace completion.

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