IIntellisenseSessionStack IIntellisenseSessionStack IIntellisenseSessionStack IIntellisenseSessionStack Interface


Represents a stack of IntelliSense sessions. The stack manages session activation and currency.

public interface class IIntellisenseSessionStack
public interface IIntellisenseSessionStack
type IIntellisenseSessionStack = interface
Public Interface IIntellisenseSessionStack


Each IntelliSense session is part of the stack, whether or not it appears in a text view popup. The topmost session on the stack has special privileges, such as being able to capture keystrokes from the keyboard.


Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions

Gets the list of sessions in the stack, ordered from bottom to top.

TopSession TopSession TopSession TopSession

Gets the topmost session in the stack.


CollapseAllSessions() CollapseAllSessions() CollapseAllSessions() CollapseAllSessions()

Reduces all sessions in the session stack to their collapsed (or minimized) state, or dismisses them if they have no such state.

MoveSessionToTop(IIntellisenseSession) MoveSessionToTop(IIntellisenseSession) MoveSessionToTop(IIntellisenseSession) MoveSessionToTop(IIntellisenseSession)

Moves a session already in the session stack to the top of the stack.

PopSession() PopSession() PopSession() PopSession()

Removes the topmost session from the stack and returns it.

PushSession(IIntellisenseSession) PushSession(IIntellisenseSession) PushSession(IIntellisenseSession) PushSession(IIntellisenseSession)

Adds a session to the top of the stack.

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