IPopupIntellisensePresenter IPopupIntellisensePresenter IPopupIntellisensePresenter Interface


Defines an IntelliSense presenter that is rendered as a popup within an ITextView.

public interface IPopupIntellisensePresenter : Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense.IIntellisensePresenter
type IPopupIntellisensePresenter = interface
    interface IIntellisensePresenter
Public Interface IPopupIntellisensePresenter
Implements IIntellisensePresenter


Opacity Opacity Opacity

Gets or sets the opacity of this popup presenter.

PopupStyles PopupStyles PopupStyles

Gets a set of flags that determine the popup style.

PresentationSpan PresentationSpan PresentationSpan

Gets the ITrackingSpan to which this presenter is related.

SpaceReservationManagerName SpaceReservationManagerName SpaceReservationManagerName

Gets the name of the space reservation manager that should be used to create popups for this presenter.

SurfaceElement SurfaceElement SurfaceElement

Gets the WPF UIElement that the presenter wants to be displayed inside a ITextView popup.


PopupStylesChanged PopupStylesChanged PopupStylesChanged

Occurs when the PopupStyles property changes.

PresentationSpanChanged PresentationSpanChanged PresentationSpanChanged

Occurs when the PresentationSpan property changes.

SurfaceElementChanged SurfaceElementChanged SurfaceElementChanged

Occurs when the WPF surface element is changed.

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