This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class _OLECRF
public enum class _OLECRF
enum _OLECRF
public enum _OLECRF
public enum _OLECRF
type _OLECRF = 
type _OLECRF = 
Public Enum _OLECRF


olecrfExclusiveActivation 128

Indicates that the component becomes exclusively active when it is activated.

olecrfExclusiveBorderSpace 64

Indicates that exclusive border space is required when the component is active.

olecrfNeedAllActiveNotifs 32

Indicates that a component notification is required for every change in the activation state.

olecrfNeedIdleTime 1

Indicates that a component idle time is required.

olecrfNeedPeriodicIdleTime 2

Indicates that a component idle time of a set period of milliseconds is required.

olecrfNeedSpecActiveNotifs 16

Indicates that component notification for special activation changes is required. This notifies the component if either the ExclusiveBorderSpace mode or ExlusiveActivation mode changes.

olecrfPreTranslateAll 8

Indicates that the component processes all messages before translation.

olecrfPreTranslateKeys 4

Indicates that the component processes keyboard messages before translation.


Represents OLE component registration flags.

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