Source.ProcessHiddenRegions(ArrayList) Method


Updates all hidden regions based on the given list of hidden regions.

 virtual void ProcessHiddenRegions(System::Collections::ArrayList ^ hiddenRegions);
public virtual void ProcessHiddenRegions (System.Collections.ArrayList hiddenRegions);
abstract member ProcessHiddenRegions : System.Collections.ArrayList -> unit
override this.ProcessHiddenRegions : System.Collections.ArrayList -> unit
Public Overridable Sub ProcessHiddenRegions (hiddenRegions As ArrayList)



An ArrayList of IVsHiddenRegion objects describing new hidden regions to add.


This method is called to update all hidden regions in the source with the list of new regions.

The base method does nothing if the OutliningEnabled property returns false. Otherwise, the base method merges the new list with the existing list and forces a refresh of the view. The existing list of hidden regions is obtained from the IVsHiddenTextSession returned from the GetHiddenTextSession method.

See Outlining in a Legacy Language Service for more information about hidden regions.

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