ViewFilter.ReformatDocument ViewFilter.ReformatDocument ViewFilter.ReformatDocument Method


Handles the FORMATDOCUMENT command to reformat the entire document.

public virtual void ReformatDocument ();
abstract member ReformatDocument : unit -> unit
override this.ReformatDocument : unit -> unit
Public Overridable Sub ReformatDocument ()


The base method determines if reformatting is supported, gets the TextSpan for the entire document, creates a new EditArray object to wrap all changes made in a single undo event, then calls the ReformatSpan method on the Source object that was obtained from the CodeWindowManager object in the ViewFilter class constructor. Finally, the base method calls the ApplyEdits method on the EditArray object to commit all the changes.

Typically, you override the ReformatSpan method on the Source class to support reformatting a document. Since the base method sets up everything for a call to the ReformatSpan method, you do not typically need to override this method unless your version of ReformatSpan has special requirements.

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