MruListBox MruListBox MruListBox MruListBox Class


Microsoft internal use only. Represents the Most Recently Used list.

public ref class MruListBox : System::Windows::Controls::ListBox
public class MruListBox : System.Windows.Controls.ListBox
type MruListBox = class
    inherit ListBox
Public Class MruListBox
Inherits ListBox


MruListBox() MruListBox() MruListBox() MruListBox()

Initializes a new instance of MruListBox.


DisableScrollOnRemoveProperty DisableScrollOnRemoveProperty DisableScrollOnRemoveProperty DisableScrollOnRemoveProperty

Microsoft internal use only.

DoNothingCommand DoNothingCommand DoNothingCommand DoNothingCommand

The do nothing routed command. Visual Studio binds to this command handler when a UI gesture (for example, a left double-click) should be ignored.

OpenFolderMruItem OpenFolderMruItem OpenFolderMruItem OpenFolderMruItem

Opens the folder of the currently selected item.

OpenMruItem OpenMruItem OpenMruItem OpenMruItem

Opens the currently selected item.

RemoveMruItem RemoveMruItem RemoveMruItem RemoveMruItem

Removes the currently selected item.


DisableScrollOnRemove DisableScrollOnRemove DisableScrollOnRemove DisableScrollOnRemove

Microsoft internal use only.

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