ComponentRegistrationFlags Enum


Flags given to FRegisterComponent(IOleComponent, OLECRINFO[], UInt32) to indicate what kind of component services you need.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ComponentRegistrationFlags
public enum class ComponentRegistrationFlags
enum ComponentRegistrationFlags
public enum ComponentRegistrationFlags
type ComponentRegistrationFlags = 
Public Enum ComponentRegistrationFlags


ExclusiveActivation 128

Component becomes exclusively active when activated.

ExclusiveBorderSpace 64

Needs exclusive border space when active (normally only used by TopLevel Mac components).

Master 512

Component is always active and gets first shot at everything.

NeedAllActivationNotifications 32

needs to be notified for every change in activation state

NeedAllMacEvents 256

Need all Mac events.

NeedIdleTime 1

Needs idle time callbacks.

NeedSpecialActivationNotifications 16

Need to be notified for special activation changes (currently, this will notify component if ExclusiveBorderSpace or ExclusiveActivation mode changes). Top-level components should register with this flag.

PreTranslateAll 8

Must process all messages before translation.

PreTranslateKeys 4

Must process keyboard messages before translation.

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