SearchControlDataSource.VerbNames SearchControlDataSource.VerbNames SearchControlDataSource.VerbNames SearchControlDataSource.VerbNames SearchControlDataSource.VerbNames Class


Contains the names of search control data source actions.

public: ref class SearchControlDataSource::VerbNames abstract sealed
class SearchControlDataSource::VerbNames abstract sealed
public static class SearchControlDataSource.VerbNames
type SearchControlDataSource.VerbNames = class
Public Class SearchControlDataSource.VerbNames


AddMRUItem AddMRUItem AddMRUItem AddMRUItem AddMRUItem

The name of the action of adding a most-recently-used (MRU) item to the search control data source. Value is “AddMRUItem”.

ClearSearch ClearSearch ClearSearch ClearSearch ClearSearch

The name of the action of clearing the search. Value is “ClearSearch”.

InvokeHelp InvokeHelp InvokeHelp InvokeHelp InvokeHelp

The name of the action of invoking a help topic. Value is “InvokeHelp”.

NotifyNavigationKey NotifyNavigationKey NotifyNavigationKey NotifyNavigationKey NotifyNavigationKey

The name of the action of notifying the data source that a navigation key is pressed. Value is “NotifyNavigationKey”.

PopulateMRU PopulateMRU PopulateMRU PopulateMRU PopulateMRU

The name of the action of populating the most-recently-used (MRU) collection of the search control data source. Value is “PopulateMRU”.

StartSearch StartSearch StartSearch StartSearch StartSearch

The name of the action of starting the search. Value is “StartSearch”.

StopSearch StopSearch StopSearch StopSearch StopSearch

The name of the action of stopping the search. Value is “StopSearch”.

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