VsUIDialogWindow VsUIDialogWindow VsUIDialogWindow VsUIDialogWindow Class


Microsoft internal use only. Use this class as the base class for Visual Studio dialogs used with IVsUIDataSource objects.

public ref class VsUIDialogWindow : Microsoft::VisualStudio::PlatformUI::DialogWindowBase
public class VsUIDialogWindow : Microsoft.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.DialogWindowBase
type VsUIDialogWindow = class
    inherit DialogWindowBase
Public Class VsUIDialogWindow
Inherits DialogWindowBase


When you implement a dialog derived from this class, you should define a IVsUIFactory and expose the dialog as an IVsUIElement created by the factory. If you want to display the dialog, you should create a data source for the dialog (IVsUIDataSource), possibly by using a data source factory. Use the <xref:Microsoft.Internal.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.WindowHelper.AddHelpTopic%2A> method to add a help topic to the data source. Then call <xref:Microsoft.Internal.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.WindowHelper.ShowModalElement%2A> and provide the element ID and the data source.


VsUIDialogWindow() VsUIDialogWindow() VsUIDialogWindow() VsUIDialogWindow()

Initializes a new instance of VsUIDialogWindow.


InvokeDialogHelp() InvokeDialogHelp() InvokeDialogHelp() InvokeDialogHelp()

Invokes Help for the dialog window.

InvokeVerb(String, String) InvokeVerb(String, String) InvokeVerb(String, String) InvokeVerb(String, String)

Microsoft internal use only.

OnClosed(EventArgs) OnClosed(EventArgs) OnClosed(EventArgs) OnClosed(EventArgs)

Handles the disposing of resources when the window closes.

(Inherited from DialogWindowBase)
OnDialogThemeChanged() OnDialogThemeChanged() OnDialogThemeChanged() OnDialogThemeChanged()

When overridden in a derived class, handles the event raised when the dialog window theme has changed.

(Inherited from DialogWindowBase)
OnSourceInitialized(EventArgs) OnSourceInitialized(EventArgs) OnSourceInitialized(EventArgs) OnSourceInitialized(EventArgs)

Handles the event raised when the window source has been initialized.

(Inherited from DialogWindowBase)


HasDialogFrame HasDialogFrame HasDialogFrame HasDialogFrame

Determines whether the window has a frame.

(Inherited from DialogWindowBase)
HasHelpButton HasHelpButton HasHelpButton HasHelpButton

Determines whether the window has a help button.

(Inherited from DialogWindowBase)
HasMaximizeButton HasMaximizeButton HasMaximizeButton HasMaximizeButton

Determines whether the window has a maximize button.

(Inherited from DialogWindowBase)
HasMinimizeButton HasMinimizeButton HasMinimizeButton HasMinimizeButton

Determines whether the window has a minimize button.

(Inherited from DialogWindowBase)
IsCloseButtonEnabled IsCloseButtonEnabled IsCloseButtonEnabled IsCloseButtonEnabled

Determines whether the close title bar button should be enabled.

(Inherited from DialogWindowBase)

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