Specifies property identifiers for window frames, document frames, and tool window frames.

public enum class __VSFPROPID
public enum class __VSFPROPID
public enum __VSFPROPID
type __VSFPROPID = 
Public Enum __VSFPROPID


VSFPROPID_AltDocData -4013

UNK. If this window edits a piece of a larger document, then VSFPROPID_AltDocData is the DocData object for the piece of the document that is being edited in the window, whereas the VSFPROPID_RDTDocData is the DocData object for all of the document registered in the RDT. VSFPROPID_AltDocData objects are not registered in the RDT. Document Windows that have VSFPROPID_AltDocData objects are created by using CDW_fAltDocData flag.

VSFPROPID_BitmapIndex -5007

I4. Index into strip if bitmap handle is a strip.

VSFPROPID_BitmapResource -5006

I4. Resource number of bitmaps in satellite dll.

VSFPROPID_Caption -3004

BSTR. Full window caption.


GUID used to control visibility of toolbars and AutoVisible tool windows.

VSFPROPID_CreateDocWinFlags -4008

I4. __VSCREATEDOCWIN flags passed to CreateDocumentWindow(UInt32, String, IVsUIHierarchy, UInt32, IntPtr, IntPtr, Guid, String, Guid, IServiceProvider, String, String, Int32[], IVsWindowFrame).

VSFPROPID_CreateToolWinFlags -5002

__VSCREATETOOLWIN flags passed to CreateToolWindow(UInt32, UInt32, Object, Guid, Guid, Guid, IServiceProvider, String, Int32[], IVsWindowFrame).

VSFPROPID_DocCookie -4000

I4. IVsRunningDocumentTable (RDT) key.

VSFPROPID_DocData -4004

UNK. Returns VSFPROPID_AltDocData if available. Otherwise, returns RDTDocData.

VSFPROPID_DocView -3001

UNK. Object that fills the client area of the window.

VSFPROPID_EditorCaption -4002

BSTR. Portion of caption that is defined by editor implementation.

VSFPROPID_ExtWindowObject -5003

UNK. Environment's "Window" automation IDispatch object.


Indicates the first property ID.

VSFPROPID_FrameMode -3008

I4. Docked, float, and so on.

VSFPROPID_GuidAutoActivate -5001

OBSOLETE. Do not use.

VSFPROPID_guidEditorType -4009

GUID. Uniquely identifies which IVsEditorFactory created the document.

VSFPROPID_GuidPersistenceSlot -5000

GUID. Uniquely identifies a tool window type.

VSFPROPID_HideToolwinContainer -5009

I2. Makes the tool window's container hidden when and saves the data file.

VSFPROPID_Hierarchy -4005

UNK. Owns IVsHierarchy.

VSFPROPID_InheritKeyBindings -4011

GUID. Most often used by a window to inherit the key bindings of the TextEditor.

VSFPROPID_IsWindowTabbed -3009

I2. Tabbed state.


I4. VSITEMID of document.


Indicates the last __VSFPROPID.

VSFPROPID_MultiInstanceToolNum -5004

I4. ID of a multi-instance tool window.


NIL. -1.

VSFPROPID_OwnerCaption -4001

BSTR. Portion of caption defined by owning IVsHierarchy.

VSFPROPID_pszMkDocument -4003

BSTR. pszMkDocument passed to CreateDocumentWindow(UInt32, String, IVsUIHierarchy, UInt32, IntPtr, IntPtr, Guid, String, Guid, IServiceProvider, String, String, Int32[], IVsWindowFrame).

VSFPROPID_pszPhysicalView -4010

BSTR. Identifies the type of window created by the IVsEditorFactory (for example "Form").


UNK. DocData registered in the RDT for the document in this frame.

VSFPROPID_ShortCaption -3012

BSTR. Partial window caption.


UNK. IServiceProvider which is site object for VSFPROPID_DocView object.

VSFPROPID_SPProjContext -3003

UNK. IServiceProvider provided by the owning IVsHierarchy.

VSFPROPID_ToolbarHost -5008

UNK. IVsToolbarHost used to add toolbars to window. Property is only valid if CTW_fToolbarHost or UIHWF_SupportToolWindowToolbars is specified.

VSFPROPID_Type -3000

I4. Frame type - document or tool. For all frame windows, 1== Document Frame, 2 == Tool Frame.

VSFPROPID_UserContext -3010

UNK. IVsUserContext.

VSFPROPID_ViewHelper -3011

UNK. Additional interfaces for control (for all frame windows).

VSFPROPID_WindowHelpCmdText -3014

BSTR. Command text for cmdidWindowHelp.

VSFPROPID_WindowHelpKeyword -3013

BSTR. Keyword for cmdidWindowHelp.

VSFPROPID_WindowState -3007

I4. Normal, Minimized, or Maximized


COM Signature

From vsshell.idl.

The descriptions associated with each enumeration element are the data types that are associated with the properties of an object.

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