ColorableItemInfo ColorableItemInfo ColorableItemInfo Struct


Provides information to a VSPackage about specific user-settable colorable item attributes of a Display Items that may have been modified by the user.

public struct ColorableItemInfo
type ColorableItemInfo = struct
Public Structure ColorableItemInfo


Not all information returned in a ColorableItemInfo structure may be valid because the Visual Studio IDE does not always store unmodified settings from the Font and Color property page in the registry. The bForegroundValid, bBackgroundValid,and bFontFlagsValid are set to non-zero (TRUE) when the corresponding value is valid.

Rather than supplying a literal RGB value, a VSPackage may express the color values in the crForeground and crBackground members in terms of a global palette. As well as simplifying implementation, this allows colors to track certain system-wide and environment-wide values. The interpretation of these color values is controlled by flags from the __VSCOLORTYPE enumeration.


bBackgroundValid bBackgroundValid bBackgroundValid

BOOLEAN value indicating the background color is valid.

bFontFlagsValid bFontFlagsValid bFontFlagsValid

BOOLEAN value indicating the font flags are valid.

bForegroundValid bForegroundValid bForegroundValid

BOOLEAN value indicating the foreground color is valid.

crBackground crBackground crBackground

DWORD specifying the background color.

crForeground crForeground crForeground

DWORD specifying the foreground color.

dwFontFlags dwFontFlags dwFontFlags

DWORD specifying the font flags

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