ICategorizeProperties ICategorizeProperties ICategorizeProperties Interface


Provides category names and maps categories to properties for display in the Properties window.

public interface ICategorizeProperties
type ICategorizeProperties = interface
Public Interface ICategorizeProperties


The Properties window displays properties either alphabetically or grouped by categories.

A VSPackage implements ICategorizeProperties so that Visual Studio can display the project's or project elements' properties in the appropriate categories in its property view.

You implement the interface like all interfaces in the Active Template Library (ATL); you derive your control class from ICategorizeProperties, add the interface entry to the control's interface map, and implement the two methods, MapPropertyToCategory and GetCategoryName.

Notes to Implementers

Implemented by VSPackages to allow properties to be displayed by category in the Properties window rather than alphabetically.


GetCategoryName(Int32, UInt32, String) GetCategoryName(Int32, UInt32, String) GetCategoryName(Int32, UInt32, String)

Returns a BSTR containing the category name.

MapPropertyToCategory(Int32, Int32) MapPropertyToCategory(Int32, Int32) MapPropertyToCategory(Int32, Int32)

Returns the property category value for the specified property.

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