IDiscoveryResult IDiscoveryResult IDiscoveryResult Interface


Downloads the results of an XML Web service discovery session.

public interface IDiscoveryResult
type IDiscoveryResult = interface
Public Interface IDiscoveryResult


Use this interface to retrieve the files downloaded from a web service. This result is returned to the calling interface, usually IVsAddWebReferenceDlg2.

Notes to Implementers

Implement the IDiscoveryResult interface whenever you use IDiscoverySession to discover Web services. Also used by IVsAddWebReferenceDlg2 Interface.


AddWebReference(Object, String) AddWebReference(Object, String) AddWebReference(Object, String)

Call this method to download the files cached by the latest discovery session.

AddWebReferenceTo(Object, String, String) AddWebReferenceTo(Object, String, String) AddWebReferenceTo(Object, String, String)

Adds a reference to an XML Web service that already has a discomap file and was not necessarily discovered.

GetDiscoverySession(IDiscoverySession) GetDiscoverySession(IDiscoverySession) GetDiscoverySession(IDiscoverySession)

Returns a pointer to IDiscoverySession.

GetDocumentXml(String, String) GetDocumentXml(String, String) GetDocumentXml(String, String)

Retrieves the XML of the document specified by the URL in the parameter list. This URL can point to SDL, XSD, disco or other file types.

GetRawXml(String) GetRawXml(String) GetRawXml(String)

Returns the XML of the document specified in DiscoverUrl(String, IDiscoveryResult).

GetReferenceCount(Int32) GetReferenceCount(Int32) GetReferenceCount(Int32)

Returns the reference count for the XML Web service.

GetReferenceInfo(Int32, IReferenceInfo) GetReferenceInfo(Int32, IReferenceInfo) GetReferenceInfo(Int32, IReferenceInfo)

Returns a pointer to IReferenceInfo that contains information on the XML Web service reference-file types.

GetUrl(String) GetUrl(String) GetUrl(String)

Returns the URL of the XML Web service.

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