IEnumWebServices IEnumWebServices IEnumWebServices Interface


Enumerator for the Web services offered by a Web site or a project. You can get an instance of the interface using the WebServices(IEnumWebServices) method of the IVsWebServiceProvider interface.

public interface IEnumWebServices
type IEnumWebServices = interface
Public Interface IEnumWebServices


Clone(IEnumWebServices) Clone(IEnumWebServices) Clone(IEnumWebServices)

Clones this IEnumWebServices interface by creating another instance.

Next(UInt32, IVsWebService[], UInt32) Next(UInt32, IVsWebService[], UInt32) Next(UInt32, IVsWebService[], UInt32)

Retrieves the next group of Web service interfaces (IVsWebService).

Reset() Reset() Reset()

Returns the enumerator to its initial state.

Skip(UInt32) Skip(UInt32) Skip(UInt32)

Skip over a specified number of Web service interfaces.

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