IEnumWindowFrames IEnumWindowFrames IEnumWindowFrames Interface


Enumerator for a collection of windows such as the open document windows. You can get an instance of the interface using the GetDocumentWindowEnum(IEnumWindowFrames) and GetToolWindowEnum(IEnumWindowFrames) methods of the IVsUIShell interface.

public interface IEnumWindowFrames
type IEnumWindowFrames = interface
Public Interface IEnumWindowFrames


Clone(IEnumWindowFrames) Clone(IEnumWindowFrames) Clone(IEnumWindowFrames)

Clones this IEnumWindowFrames interface by creating another instance.

Next(UInt32, IVsWindowFrame[], UInt32) Next(UInt32, IVsWindowFrame[], UInt32) Next(UInt32, IVsWindowFrame[], UInt32)

Retrieves the next group of window frame interfaces (IVsWindowFrame).

Reset() Reset() Reset()

Returns the enumerator to its initial state.

Skip(UInt32) Skip(UInt32) Skip(UInt32)

Skip over a specified number of window frame interfaces.

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