IErrorInfo IErrorInfo IErrorInfo Interface


Provides detailed contextual error information.

public interface IErrorInfo
type IErrorInfo = interface
Public Interface IErrorInfo


For information about using the interface, see Error Handling Interfaces (Component Automation) and Supporting IDispatch and IErrorInfo.


GetDescription(String) GetDescription(String) GetDescription(String)

Returns a string describing the error.

GetGuid(Guid) GetGuid(Guid) GetGuid(Guid)

Returns the GUID of the interface defining the error.

GetHelpContext(UInt32) GetHelpContext(UInt32) GetHelpContext(UInt32)

Retrieves the Help context for the error.

GetHelpFile(String) GetHelpFile(String) GetHelpFile(String)

Returns the path of the Help file for information about the error.

GetSource(String) GetSource(String) GetSource(String)

Returns the programmatic identifier (ProgID) for the class or application returning the error.

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