ITrackSelection ITrackSelection ITrackSelection Interface


Notifies the environment of a change in the current selection container.

public interface ITrackSelection
type ITrackSelection = interface
Public Interface ITrackSelection


The selection container, an object that implements the ISelectionContainer interface, is part of the selection context attached to every window. When the current selection in a window changes and the property data reflected in the Properties window becomes out of date, the VSPackage responsible for the window updates this data by calling OnSelectChange with a new ISelectionContainer pointer. ISelectionContainer provides access to IDispatch objects that in turn provide access to data for updating the Properties window

Notes to Implementers

The environment implements ITrackSelection through the STrackSelection service.

Notes to Callers

VSPackage document and tool windows call ITrackSelection to provide an ISelectionContainer interface pointer that can be used by the environment to retrieve property data for one or more currently selected objects. The environment updates the Properties window with this data.


OnSelectChange(ISelectionContainer) OnSelectChange(ISelectionContainer) OnSelectChange(ISelectionContainer)

Reports that the current selection container has changed.

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