IVsAggregatableProject2 IVsAggregatableProject2 IVsAggregatableProject2 Interface


Represents an aggregatable project.

public interface IVsAggregatableProject2
type IVsAggregatableProject2 = interface
Public Interface IVsAggregatableProject2


OnAggregationFailure() OnAggregationFailure() OnAggregationFailure()

Called if an error occurs while creating inner layers from aggregation chain after the current flavor object is being created by its factory. This should be used to disconnect any references current flavor holds to inner or outer flavor objects. OnAggregationFailure will be called individually on each flavor. Implementation should not chain the call to to inner flavor (as opposed to OnAggregationComplete which should be chained to inner). This method will not be called if all flavors layers are successfully created via PreCreateForOuter and succeeded on SetInnerProject and InitializeForOuter calls. If the error occurs later in the process ( inside OnAggregationComplete ) then IVsHierarchy::Close() will be called instead.

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