IVsAsynchOpenFromScc IVsAsynchOpenFromScc IVsAsynchOpenFromScc Interface


This interface supports asynchronous loading of projects from source control.

public interface IVsAsynchOpenFromScc
type IVsAsynchOpenFromScc = interface
Public Interface IVsAsynchOpenFromScc

Notes to Implementers

This interface is implemented by a source control package in order to support asynchronous (that is, background) loading of a project directly from source control. A source control package can implement this interface if it chooses.

Notes to Callers

The environment calls this interface whenever it needs to load a project from source control. If a call to the LoadProjectAsynchronously(String, Int32) method indicates that the project must be loaded in the background, then the environment calls the LoadProject(String) method to start the loading process. The environment then calls the IsLoadingContent(IVsHierarchy, Int32) method periodically or listens for a call to OnLoadComplete() to determine when loading is complete.


IsLoadingContent(IVsHierarchy, Int32) IsLoadingContent(IVsHierarchy, Int32) IsLoadingContent(IVsHierarchy, Int32)

This method determines if loading is complete for a solution or project being loaded asynchronously.

LoadProject(String) LoadProject(String) LoadProject(String)

This method begins loading the specified project asynchronously.

LoadProjectAsynchronously(String, Int32) LoadProjectAsynchronously(String, Int32) LoadProjectAsynchronously(String, Int32)

This method determines whether a specified project must be loaded asynchronously.

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