IVsAsynchOpenFromSccProjectEvents IVsAsynchOpenFromSccProjectEvents IVsAsynchOpenFromSccProjectEvents Interface


Provides progress information during asynchronous loading of a project or solution from source control.

public interface IVsAsynchOpenFromSccProjectEvents
type IVsAsynchOpenFromSccProjectEvents = interface
Public Interface IVsAsynchOpenFromSccProjectEvents


The source control package looks for this interface only if the package supports the IVsAsynchOpenFromScc interface.

Notes to Implementers

A project implements this interface when it wants to do asynchronous loading of projects and solutions from source control. If a project uses the IVsAsynchOpenFromScc interface for source control, it should also implement this interface, although it is not required.

Notes to Callers

The source control package looks for this interface on the current project. If it finds the interface, the package calls the interface to indicate the progress of an asynchronous load.

You can determine whether or not a project supports this interface by calling the GetAsynchOpenProjectType(UInt32) of the IVsProjectFactory2 interface.


OnFilesDownloaded(Int32, String[]) OnFilesDownloaded(Int32, String[]) OnFilesDownloaded(Int32, String[])

Called during an asynchronous load to indicate one or more files have been downloaded.

OnLoadComplete() OnLoadComplete() OnLoadComplete()

Called when an asynchronous load is done.

OnLoadFailed() OnLoadFailed() OnLoadFailed()

Called when downloading of project content fails.

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