IVsBatchUpdate IVsBatchUpdate IVsBatchUpdate Interface


Initiates the incorporation of all pending data updates in a text buffer or view.

public interface IVsBatchUpdate
type IVsBatchUpdate = interface
Public Interface IVsBatchUpdate


When a view implements this interface and registers itself with the text manager via IVsTextManager::RegisterIndependentView Method, the text manager will call FlushPendingUpdates at various critical points such as right before save, before launch, and activation of another document. When FlushPendingUpdates is called, the text buffer and all of its associated views must incorporate all pending data changes. .

Notes to Implementers

Implement this interface on any editor view or buffer that does not incorporate data changes immediately, but buffers changes for later update.


FlushPendingUpdates(UInt32) FlushPendingUpdates(UInt32) FlushPendingUpdates(UInt32)

Allows the text buffer to tell all views on it to incorporate all buffered updates.

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